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~One Sky, One Destiny~

Fate will keep us together...

quistislock (MJ)

I'm currently living in the Philippines and taking up BS Biology as my pre-med course. Aside from being a hard-working(?) college student, I'm also a fangirl (we all are, right??) I'm a fan of animes, video games, movies and most especially, a fan of music. When it comes to music, i'm a fan of various artists/singers with various genres. My most favorite singer/group of singers(or perfomers) are UTADA HIKARU, SEKAI NO OWARI, and of course, ARASHI!

about my journal: there's nothing much really...(there's nothing)
it's just my personal journal where i say(write) stuff about things that i am addicted to. also, i'm new at this that's why i'm kind of clueless about these things. (and when i say "these things", i meant writing journals or diaries) gomenasai...(~_~)

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